The Dove's Lament takes you around the world, bringing to life the human side of conflicts. From the genocide in Rwanda, to war-stricken Bosnia, from child marriages in India to prostitution and drug trafficking in Colombia, these stories traverse a microcosm of reality. Be it the manifestation of Bacha Baazi in Afghanistan, or the fight for paradise on Earth, Kashmir, the stories lend a soul to what otherwise remain a muddle of news reports and statistics. Through these stories, Kirthi embroiders a tapestry of the unvanquished human spirit in varied shades, and shakes you up to the reality that surrounds you. Buy your copy here.

Mock, Stalk & Quarrel, a collection of satirical tales, emanated from a nationwide contest conducted by Readomania to identify powerful voices that could wage an ideological war against issues that matter. Twenty-nine voices, indulgent, tolerant, amusing and witty, were chosen to create this collection. 

We have never wondered what it feels to be used, exploited, and consumed, only to be discarded without a single look of gratitude; after all, eulogies and epitaphs are only for human beings. When They Spoke is about 29 inanimate beings who wonder if it would be more apt to define us as non-living things, because, as each of them prove, their heart seems to be in order, and beating in the right pace! Buy your copy here.

Defiant Dreams: Tales of Everyday Divas is a collection of twenty-four stories handpicked through a nationwide contest. More than a book, it is a collage of love and patience, courage and determination. Between the pages is a chronicle of dreams that refuse to be crushed by the heel of Life's injustices. The tales are portraits of ordinary women-mothers, daughters, brides-to-be and wives --- rising to extraordinary challenges; women who transformed themselves into mistresses of their own destinies. From the lanes of Banaras to the hills of Assam, from urban landscapes to rural settings, these incredible women are here to inspire. Buy your copy here

Contributing a short story called The Blue Slippers, Kirthi's piece is a story told from the perspective of a camera that preserves memories of a communal riot, telling the tale of a friendship between two girls, bound by a pair of Blue Slippers. Published by Readomania, here is an anthology that welcomes you to be a part of a literary journey to a realm of the superlative where pages turn, hearts beat, and the mind gleefully wanders to places you might have never been before. Buy your copy here.

Stories of Hope is a collection of short stories. Each tale narrates the journey of a thin red line of hope that fights through adversity. Right from the heart of Nazi Germany in the thick of the holocaust to the collapse of the regime in Egypt in 2011, from the story of hunger in the core of Africa to the tale of Palestine's recognition as a state, there are stories that celebrate the resilience of the Human Spirit. From stories of a mother turned out of her house by her son, to a mother who loses her newborn, to the young wife who must face a baffling truth, and the little girls who face adversities tied to their identity, these are stories that can be anyone's narrative. Stories of Hope is a celebration of Hope and a celebration of the undying human spirit of resilience. Buy your copy here.

There’s a strong and well-proven link between parental favoritism and the abuse suffered by the unfavored child. Love Me Mama: The Unfavored Child will resonate with parents and adults around the world. This book is a story of an unfavored child called Victoria. Vicky suffered because of the favoritism her mother showed among her four children, discriminating against Vicky. The difficulties of life led Vicky to build a wall of defense around her. Vicky’s life led her to master the art of escaping the pains of rejection by becoming a high achiever. Vicky realized that she never had a mother who loved her. The book takes you through the life that Vicky faced before she emerged successful. Buy your copy here.

Academic Writing:

This book offers a comprehensive insight into the theoretical elements of Public International Law. The book works as a useful tool for anyone intending to study Public International Law, or anyone meaning to take on research in the field. The book is divided into four parts: The basics, states as subjects, individuals as subjects, international organisations, non-state actors and inter-relations among actors in international  relations and the laws governing them.  For the researcher, information is perhaps the best boon, and in line with this need, the book has been brought forth to help any student of the law to gain a useful insight into the field. Buy your copy here.

The book is a compilation of essays that examine the connotations of Gender in peace and conflict in particular scenarios, focusing largely on Gender-based violence. It touches upon various angles in which the gender rhetoric and the peace and conflict narratives come together - from human trafficking to sexual violence in conflict, to the issue of masculinities of violence and the question of dealing with the gender overtones in a peacetime and wartime continuum. The book works as a compilation of essays, and each essay is a standalone with useful content for a researcher's needs. Buy your copy here.

The voices of Indigenous women world-wide have long been silenced by colonial oppression and institutions of patriarchal dominance. Recent generations of powerful Indigenous women have begun speaking out so that their positions of respect within their families and communities might be reclaimed. The book explores issues surrounding and impacting Indigenous mothering, family and community in a variety of contexts internationally. Kirthi's essay, "Indigenous Motherhood and Sexual Violence" dives into the Guatemalan Context and chronicles the realities of the Mayan Ixil community during the nearly-three-decade long civil war in Guatemala. Buy your copy here.

The United Nations is the largest global organization that deals with Peacekeeping in International War Zones. There are no legal provisions or overarching legislative instruments to govern peacekeeping operations – which in turn makes the entire system vulnerable to faults. Consequently, many troops have been accused of being involved in unscrupulous practices, while the system itself lacks any monitoring capacity to evaluate the progress of the missions. This book makes the case for the development of an overarching legal instrument to govern peacekeeping, and for the revival of the Trusteeship Council to manage peacekeeping operations instead of the Security Council. Buy your copy here.