Founder, Director and Editor, A38
Founder and Director, Red Elephant Foundation
Writer, Editor, Blogging Manager (Women's Rights, Law and Policy, Global), Delta Women
Director of Engagement, Channel Initiative
Writer, Insight on Conflict
Writer, TransConflict
Writer, The Typewriter
MasterPeace Blogging Ambassador, MasterPeace
Writer, Editor-in-Chief (International Law & Policy), Center for African Affairs and Global Policy 
Senior Commissioning Editor, e-IR
Associate Researcher, Open Briefing
Legal Researcher, Oxford Lawyers without Borders
Writer and Editor, Youth Leader Magazine
Volunteer, Survival International
Crisis Mapper, The Standby Taskforce
Writer and Remote Intern, Think Africa Press
Legal Researcher, Femin Ijtihad
Visiting Faculty, Nani Palkhivala Arbitration Centre
Coordinator (Publications and Social Media), AAE
Researcher, Foglamp In-country Research for Global Investors
Researcher, OperationOF
Freelance Writer, Femina
Freelance Writer, Inbox 1305
Freelance Writer, Pan India Network
Lawyer, The TrustLaw Connect
Content writer, Xerago
Content Writer, Inception Business Services
Writer, Call of Culture
Writer, Women's Web


Researcher, Freedom Foundation
Researcher, Free World Organization
Translator (Spanish to English), WFUNA
Researcher on Women's Rights and Access to Resources, The World Bank 
Writer (Women's Issues, Law and Rights in the DR Congo), Women in War Zones
Guest Editor, The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs
Researcher (Governance), UNDP
Researcher (Post-2015 Mapping), UNDP
 Crisis Mapper, UNOCHA
Researcher on Global Heritage Sites, UNESCO
Researcher on Gender Based Violence, UNFPA
Researcher, Global Hand 
Strategic Planner, UNV Kyrgyzstan
Legal  Researcher and Writer, Akosha
Writer - MyLaw
Designer, PAAJAF
Writer and Author (Business and Entrepreneurship), Association of African Entrepreneurs
Writer and Researcher (Madras High Court - in honour of the 150th Year), Law Offices of N. L. Rajah
Legal Counsel, The ATT Legal Response Network
Freelance Writer, Ahanas Innovations
Freelance Writer, Eve's Times

Freelance Writer, HomeBuy
Freelance Writer, Man's World
Blogger-in-Chief, Kabissa
Freelance Writer & CoordinatorThe Ritz
Freelance Writer & Coordinator, SouthScope

Freelance Writer, Chennai Realty
Researcher on Child Marriage in India, The World Bank
Researcher, IBJ-Defense Wiki
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Volunteer, Ann Foundation